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Our clients have asked us to assist in evaluating various COVID-19 legal issues, so we created these alerts that examine issues that entities are facing as a result of the pandemic.

Stone & Magnanini LLP is one of the country’s premiere complex litigation firms for high stakes cases including financial loss, fraud, infringement and/or breach of contract.

Our Firm’s experienced and trial-tested attorneys have taken on and defeated the largest companies and law firms in the world all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Our experience in high profile/high stakes litigation in the finance, health care, insurance, entertainment and technology sectors’ makes our Firm valued counselors in the Boardroom and fearsome adversaries in the Courtroom. Our Partners’ experience working as General Counsel and seamlessly partnering with the world’s best law firms gives us the knowledge and flexibility to achieve desired results for our clients. We only select a limited number of high stakes matters to allow us to zealously represent our clients with laser focus and without fear of actual or business conflicts. Unlike larger corporate law firms with large overhead and staff, we structure our teams to win as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As a result of our experience representing major clients on both sides of the V., our Firm brings value to corporate and high net worth clients looking for innovative litigation and business solutions. We recognize that litigation is but one of many tools that clients use to obtain business results and we structure client relationships with this in mind, often sharing both risk and rewards. While many of our clients prefer strict billable arrangements, we are innovators in the use of alternative fee arrangements, including reverse contingency fee arrangements, flat fees and hybrid fee arrangements in appropriate cases.